"What made the trip so incredibly especial was our guide, HUGO! I never knew how wonderful a trip could be. Having Hugo as our guide made the entire trip so smooth and enjoyable. All we had to focus on was the next hill to climb, the gorgeous scenery to watch on the way down, the lovely villages and hillsides and the luxurious Simplicity of our very nice accommodations. Hugo took care of everything from scouting our routes to answering every question we asked, from weather, economy, politics, history of the area. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found someone who cares about the comfort and curiosity of his guests. And we were treated extremely well. I highly recommend using his services for the best trip you will ever have."

Jane (Seattle, WA)


Our commercial name is UGOWEGOtours. That is not just a play on words, an empty slogan or a plain logo and design. It represents our way of understanding the life and our work.

You go, we go, it summarizes our personal keystone values, transmitted to the company by its founders:

  • COMMITMENT, with our costumers, the environment, our collaborators, and our ideals.
  • RESPECT, for the people, their cultures and ideas. Accepting the differences, practicing the tolerance and understanding, respecting the nature as our source of life.
  • SHARING, experiences and emotions that come with coexistence, mutual understanding, the exchange and the newfound matters day by day.
  • FREEDOM, to choose without pressures nor prejudices.
  • SOLIDARITY, to achieve all our goals through the cooperation between the people that make part of the company, our customers and friends.

Putting all together, UGOWEGOtours will be an enriching reality for our customers, collaborators and for the members of the team.