Frequent Questions

How many people are in a group and where do they come from?

The groups usually are small, from 4 to 12 people. The travellers are mostly from the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Argentina. Normally they are professionals, families, groups of friends with common interests and likes...

What are the riding tracks like?

We use two types of track. The paved roads, secondary, with less traffic and wide off-roads tracks, unpaved and without traffic but accessible to all cycling levels.

I would like to travel before/after the start/end of the tour. Can UGOWEGOtours help me to define my plans pre/post tour?

UGOWEGOtours is expert in the organization of holidays in many cities and regions in Europe and the world, so we are delighted to offer our advice and help to organize everything you need on your trip and coordinate it with your tour.

My friends love to ride a bike but I'd rather like to do other things instead, such as photography and cultural activities.

Our goal is to make sure our travellers fully enjoy their vacation, so we are happy to offer personalized alternatives that can be compatible with the group activities. By having a group leader and an assistant, we can offer a very flexible service in cases like yours.

What kind of hotels do you offer in the tours?

UGOWEGOtours always offers luxury hotels with historic charm, blending into the landscape and traditional architecture. At all times we selected representative buildings of each city or region. If you book your vacation with a custom design we can accommodate your needs or likes as well as the type of hotel you choose.