General Information

Group welcome and farewell

UGOWEGOtours provides a pick up and drop off service for clients at airports and train stations, with the detailed conditions in each tour itinerary. This service is included in the tour price.

Traveller Responsibility

We want your experience with UGOWEGOtours to be special, and in order for you to completely enjoy your journey, we are always at your disposal.

We will help you by providing complete information on your chosen tour, because you are responsible for chosing the tour which is  most suitable to your physical condition, health, interests, skills, etc.

Travellers must complete and sign the Reservation form and the Liability Release form. In the case of not receiving properly completed and signed, UGOWEGOtours will consider your reservation as cancelled, applying the correspondent penalty.

UGOWEGOtours has the right to refuse the participation of any traveller before or during the trip, if we believe that his/her behaviour is detrimental to the general enjoyment and well-being of the fellow travellers. UGOWEGOtours responsibility in this case, will be limited to the refund of the cost of not provided services.

UGOWEGOtours and families

All families are welcome, provided that all members can adapt to the characteristics of the programmed tour itineraries or to the customized itineraries designed through “Draw your Tour”

Bike gear

It is included on the bike tours the use of an aluminium top quality mountain bike. It is obligatory to use the helmet while riding, the appropriate use of the material and a responsible and safe ride. The tour leader reserves the right to limit the riding activity to a traveller in case of not respecting the above conditions.